Business Measures

Business measures or metrics are quantifiable measures that businesses use to track, monitor and assess an organization’s long and short term progress.


Constructivist Learning Theory

Constructivist Learning Theory is based on the idea that participants build on their existing foundation to learn new information. The participants create their own meaning and knowledge based on their experiences.

Flexible Delivery Strategies

Flexible Delivery Strategies are various teaching strategies designed to allow for flexibility of time, place, audience and technology in an educational setting.

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Literacy Surveys

Literacy surveys are assessments designed to identify and measure a range of adult literacy skills in order to compare literacy across demographic groups.


Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Personality trait change happens continuously into adulthood and can affect how participants learn as they grow older.

Relationship between Skills for Success and social and economic outcomes

The relationship between Skills for Success and social and economic outcomes is that higher levels of skills leads to increases in GDP, productivity, health outcomes and more.

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