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Tools and resources to support your professional development as a Skills for Success practitioner


The tools and resources on this website are intended for practitioners involved in the design, delivery and assessment of Skills for Success training programs. If that’s you, you’re in the right place! Managers can also use this site to find tools and resources to support their teams.

The Skills for Success Practitioner Competency Framework defines the skills and knowledge of an effective practitioner. Its purpose is to help you improve your instruction of participants in Skills for Success training programs.

Take a quick tour of the framework and available tools below:

You can use the website tools and resources to:

  • Self-assess your competencies as a Skills for Success practitioner
  • Learn about best practices in design, delivery and assessment of training programs
  • Create a growth plan for next steps in your career
  • Develop professional development resources and workshops for your team

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You can access the tools and resources in any order, or if you are a first-time visitor to the site, you can follow the recommended navigation path below.

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What are your areas of strength and areas for growth?
Start with the interactive quizzes for a snapshot of your proficiency as a Skills for Success practitioner. Save the customized reports to document your strengths and weaknesses.

What does effective instruction look like?
Learn more about evidence-based best practices across four key areas: Skills for Success Common Core, Design, Deliver and Assess.

Looking for quality teaching and learning materials?
Explore key terms from the framework and connect to Skills for Success relevant articles and resources to improve your practice.

What are your next steps?
Now that you know your areas of strength and areas for growth, use the Growth Plan to set goals and determine your next steps in professional development.

How can you take your learning to the next level?
Check out the Training Inventory for a list of Skills for Success specific courses, workshops and professional development opportunities across Canada.
How do you design and deliver effective training programs?
Whether you are new to Skills for Success, looking to transition from the original Essential Skills framework or seeking guidance on implementing the new skills, this guide will help you design and deliver training programs using the new Skills for Success framework.
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