About the Project

The Skills for Success Practitioner Competency Framework is part of the Establishing a Framework for the Professional Development of Essential Skills Practitioners Project. It is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.

What tools are available?

The centerpiece of this project is the Competency Framework, which defines the skills and knowledge of an effective Skills for Success practitioner. Several other tools have been developed to support practitioners’ engagement with the Competency Framework and their professional development, including self-assessment tools, digital resource library, training inventory and growth plan.

What is the purpose?

The overall objective of the project is to raise the quality of instruction provided to participants of Skills for Success training programs.

The framework allows regional flexibility and customization based on the needs of practitioners, while ensuring greater consistency in the delivery of practitioner training. Ultimately, professionalizing the field of Skills for Success practitioners in Canada will ensure better and more consistent outcomes for learners.

How was the competency framework developed?

The competency framework has been developed through a series of consultations with the Skills for Success community across Canada, a comprehensive environmental scan of existing professional development resources and training opportunities, and targeted research on best practices for teaching new skills including, digital, communication, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, and adaptability.

Download research reports by skill:

How to give feedback

We welcome your comments and suggestions to help improve the website tools and resources. Please get in touch by emailing: esprof@skillplan.ca.

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