Competency Framework

The Competency Framework is a model that defines the competencies, performance indicators and supporting knowledge of an effective practitioner.

How is it organized?

The Competency Framework describes what a practitioner needs to know and do across four key areas:

  1. Skills for Success Common Core – Practitioners use these competencies throughout every aspect of their work.
  2. Design – Instructional Designers use these competencies to develop and create training curricula and materials.
  3. Deliver – Facilitators use these competencies to provide instruction in the training room.
  4. Assess – Evaluators and Instructors use these competencies to develop and administer assessments of learning.

Do you need to be an expert at everything?

Not at all! The competencies are aspirational in nature – not prescriptive. There may be some areas of the framework that are more relevant to your role than others.

What can you use the Competency Framework for?

The Competency Framework is an evidence-based list of best practices that can be used to:

  • Learn more about the competencies identified in your self-assessment results
  • Develop or fine-tune your instructional practices in a targeted area
  • Align new and existing training programs and materials to consistent standards
  • Lead professional development workshops and activities for your team
  • Guide performance and program evaluations
  • Write job descriptions

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