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This is the place! The Digital Resource Library is a curated collection of online resources recommended by the Skills for Success community. Explore key terms from the framework and connect to Skills for Success relevant articles and resources to improve your practice.

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Critical Incident Method

Critical incident method involves analyzing specific situations to determine which communicative actions or behaviors would lead to the best possible outcome of a given situation.

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Culturally relevant and responsive

Culturally relevant and responsive curriculum incorporates participants’ cultural experiences and perspectives for effective teaching and learning.

Design Process

Design Processes are different ways to plan and produce a training program. They provide a procedural model to follow in course creation.


Differentiated Instruction (DI) is the planning and delivery of instruction that considers the varied levels of readiness, learning needs and interests of each training participant. Practitioners might employ different methods with different participants, depending on their readiness and needs, and provide options for demonstrating their understanding and mastery of the material.

Digital Skills Teaching and Learning Materials

Digital teaching and learning materials are designed to help participants to use technology to find, manage, apply, create and share information and content. Digital skills enable participants to keep up with changing demands in the modern workplace, daily life and in education.

The following links include practical, printable, ready-made resources to use in the delivery of Skills for Success training.

Disability and Accessibility Standards

Disability and Accessibility Standards are standards that help participants live and learn in a barrier-free environment.

Discussion Strategies

Discussion strategies enhance learning and create a collaborative exchange of ideas among participants for the purpose of furthering their thinking, learning, problem solving and understanding of ideas.

In-class discussion strategies

Online discussion strategies

Document Use

Document Use is reading and using signs, labels, lists, maps, entry forms, and other visual and spatial displays of information. Document Use was one of the nine Essential Skills in the original framework. In the Skills for Success Framework, it is a skill that is embedded in Reading, Numeracy, and Writing.

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