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Training Partner

Training partners include individuals and groups who are involved in and/or impacted by training programs, such as participants, funders, training organizations, employers, instructors, supervisors, mentors, peers and community members.  The competency framework uses the term training partners to avoid negative associations with the term stakeholders.

Transfer of Learning

Transfer of learning occurs when participants apply information, strategies and skills they have learned in the training room to a new situation or context, such as further training or the workplace.


Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that helps give all participants an equal opportunity to succeed. This approach offers flexibility in the ways participants access material, engage with it and show what they know.

Validity and Reliability

Validity and Reliability both refer to how well a method is measured.

Validity refers to the whether the results really do represent what they are supposed to measure.

Reliability refers to whether the results can be reproduced under the same conditions.  


Writing Organizational Strategies

Writing organizational strategies can help decide how to present the information in writing and depends on what you are writing, who you are writing for and where will your writing be read.  These strategies include outlines, brainstorming and graphic organizers.


Writing Teaching and Learning Materials

Writing teaching and learning materials are designed to increase participants’ ability to share information using written words, symbols, and images.

The following links include practical, printable, ready-made resources to use in the delivery of Skills for Success training.

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